Lawn Sprinkler Services and Repairs

We always provide customer service and technical support on all installed systems. Our repairs are cost-effective and prompt, protecting your investment in a lawn sprinkler system. Moreover, our staff is one of the leading and most reliable lawn sprinkler companies on Long Island.

If your lawn sprinkler system was purchased and installed by us, you are guaranteed a limited 1 year warranty. Due to our use of Hunter products, the quality and reliability of your system is optimal. However, we acknowledge accidents happen such as the damage of a sprinkler head during regular lawn maintenance. This type of accident is covered by your warranty. During our installation, the heads of your sprinkler system is uniquely installed on individual swing joints, making replacement or repair easy.

As maintenance free as your automatic lawn sprinkler system is, it does require some yearly maintenance. Once the watering season is over, winterization takes place. Winterization is the process of blowing out all of the remaining water in your lawn sprinkler system. If water is left in your system when temperatures drop, your pipes and sprinkler heads may burst, causing a hefty repair process. We offer winterization at a low cost to our customers to ensure your system works smoothly again in the spring. It is also recommended that your system is turned on again by one of our technicians as the weather warms.

Please reach out to one of our friendly service representatives for further details and specific pricing.

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