Lawn Sprinkler Installation

As Water King has been designing, installing and servicing lawn sprinkler systems on Long Island for 30+ years, we are familiar with the terrain and composition of the local soil. Each system is installed in a pattern unique to your property’s needs. We consider lawn layout, aesthetic, and complete hydration when we install or service your lawn sprinkler system.

We use Hunter products in all of our lawn sprinkler systems, which are top of the line. As a result, we are a preferred Hunter provider which means we can pass along optional features to our customers like remote control usage and wireless rain sensors. These Hunter systems are designed to maintain balanced water distribution and achieve 100% coverage of your outdoor property.

The installation process begins with one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives scheduling a convenient appointment to meet with you and walk your property. During this walk through, we survey the property and begin designing a custom lawn sprinkler system just for you. Our staff will introduce to you the products we will be using, as well as a proposed layout. You will have a chance to discuss with us the location of sprinkler heads as well as a timer that fits your needs. Please feel free to voice any concerns you may have with our staff and we will present different solutions until you are satisfied with the end result of your new lawn sprinkler system. We have two goals: 100% balanced precipitation coverage with little or no water loss from run-off and complete customer satisfaction.

Depending on the size of your new automatic lawn sprinkler, our staff will either present you with a detailed estimate on-site or within 24 hours. Once you are completely satisfied with the proposed design, our staff will schedule a time to install your lawn sprinkler system. On site arrival, we will lay out the pattern of your lawn sprinkler system using color-coded flags that will mark the sprinkler heads’ location. From there, your new lawn sprinkler system will be installed in a timely manner. We take care to cause as minimal disruption to your existing lawn as possible by carefully removing the smallest sections of lawn possible and returning these sections after installation completion. After installation completion, a full and clear explanation of your system and how it operates is given until you are confident in your ability to manage your system independently.

Water King takes pride in our installations, customer satisfaction is vital. We believe you will be thrilled with your lawn sprinkler system investment.

For us to be an asset to your lawn sprinkler service needs, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff.

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