Backflow Prevention

You may be alerted by your water supplier that you must install a backflow device or that your current backflow device is in need of repair or replacement. Up to this point, you may not even know what the device is, what it does, or why you need one. Allow Water King to take a moment to familiarize you with water backflow prevention devices.

Backflow itself is defined as an undesirable reversal of a flow of liquid, gas or solid into a potable water supply. A backflow prevention device keeps this from happening and protects your potable water from cross-connection contamination.

In a water supply system, water is maintained at a significant pressure level, enabling the flow of water from your tap, shower, hose or other device. When pressure reduces or fails, pipes freeze, or there is an unexpected high demand on the water system, the minimal pressure in the pipe may allow for contamination. Polluted water from the ground, storage or other murky sources may be drawn up into your system (i.e. backflow) and cause potential harm to you or your family.

Water King is proficient in the following three areas pertaining to water backflow prevention devices:

1. Installation: We install only water district approved devices, sizes ¾’’ through 8’’ and provide all necessary documentation required by towns and municipalities throughout Long Island. Our years of experience has granted us the ability to find the lowest cost way to handle even the most difficult installations.

2. Testing: We have been testing valves as long as we have been installing them. Many testing companies are not owned and operated by master plumbers and may not be licensed or insured. As a result, those testing companies cannot guarantee competent service or effective repairs. Rest assured that our testers are also plumbers, who have been installing and servicing backflow devices for many years.

3. Repairs/Rebuilding: Water backflow prevention device manufacturers recommend that your valve be rebuilt after an existing number of years in service. We use original manufacturer parts and can advise you ahead of time when your valve is due for a sophisticated rebuild.

To see how we can be an asset to your backflow prevention needs or for customer referrals in your area, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff.

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