About Us

Water King of West Islip is your one-stop shop for lawn sprinkler systems and backflow prevention devices.


Lawn Sprinkler Systems: Don’t be the only neighbor on the block with brown grass this summer.  Using manual sprinklers is an inconvenience, especially to those with a busy schedule!  Call Water King for a free estimate to install an automatic system that operates during a scheduled time.


We use Hunter products in all of our lawn sprinkler systems, which are top of the line.  As a result, we are a preferred Hunter provider which means we can pass along optional features to our customers like remote control usage and wireless rain sensors.  These Hunter systems are designed to maintain balanced water distribution and achieve 100% coverage of your lawn and garden.


Every system is custom designed to meet the needs of our customers, as no two landscapes are the same.  Once your customized lawn sprinkler system is approved by you, it can be installed at a reasonable price by our experienced technicians.  Keep in mind that our lawn sprinkler systems come complete with a 1 year limited warranty. In the event your lawn sprinkler system was not installed by us, our repair service is still available to you in the event of a leak, broken sprinkler heads or any adjustments you may need.


Backflow Prevention Devices: Did you know that most water suppliers have a backflow prevention policy, making it so that your potable water is protected? If you do not have a backflow device, or your current device is not up to the Town or Village standard, you may run the risk of having your water service shut down.  All of our installation services meet the requirements set out by Long Island water suppliers, to protect the quality of your water service.  We have the knowledge to install, repair and test these backflow prevention devices and will do so at a competitive cost.


From a simple leak, to a full renovation, or a new installation, our full range of services covers your needs.


To see how we can assist your needs or for customer referrals in your area, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly and experienced staff.


Office hours: 10am to 5pm, Monday – Friday

Phone: (631) 422-0086

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